Free News Platform for Citizens and Journalists: Free News Platform for Citizens and Journalists
All your social media sources in one place. So you can stay more organized, see newsworthy events to report on and enable more efficient workflow.
Newsworthy social media content that's relevant to your viewers, automatically. With targeted alerts, highlights and enhanced "social listening".
Create stories quickly, from anywhere. Streamlined workflow and collaboration for you and your team. Kaptchr Enables lightning fast distribution and reduces duplicate efforts.
1hr per day
Kaptchr can save you up to 1hr per day by: Speeding up verification, Keeping you organized, and Streamlining your workflow
Free Newsroom Content & Collaboration Dashboard for Journalists

Intelligent Associations

Unique reporting and visuals should be your differentiator. Our algorithm filters related people, visuals and events across social media. Kaptchr intelligently shows you different sources and perspectives saving you time in deciding where to focus your effort.

Intelligent Filtering

What we’ve learned is news people don’t want more content, you want tools to help you work with the content you already have. All the content in the world is at your fingertips, but without a way to organize and sort through it intelligently, it’s all noise. That's where Kaptchr comes in.

Collaboration Tools

In a newsroom every second counts and teamwork is crucial. Kaptchr has collaboration tools like bookmarks and tags across team and personal workspaces. This saves you time, allows easier team contribution and eliminates duplicate effort and bottlenecks.

UGC is a 2-way street

UGC brings potential liability and brand credibility risks. Mitigate this by broadcasting footage requests anonymously to our integrated app from within the Kaptchr dashboard. Plus have liability free access to exclusive user generated content.

- 90%
Find it first with 90% less ``noise`` to hunt through. No more hunting for needles in the haystack. Kaptchr brings all the haystacks to you and highlights the needles. Enabling you to find newsworthy stories to share, faster.