About Us: Who is Kaptchr?
A Little About Us

Our mission is to provide news professionals and citizen journalists with a platform that enables easier access to newsworthy smartphone content. This content is captured directly by the people experiencing it first-hand, as it happens. From groundbreaking video of a protest actively challenging the status quo, to an eye-opening clip exposing injustice, to tweets and #hashtags clarifying the context of a story, Kaptchr makes it possible for news producers to gain insights into on-the-scene perspectives that might otherwise remain invisible.

History is no longer solely the material of textbooks and week-old newspapers. History is also no longer restricted to the stories deemed important by those in power. Equipped with smartphones, anyone now has the opportunity to document live history in real-time. These first-hand accounts are powerful, and they are authentic.

Join us as we build an infrastructure to connect the world, one newsworthy moment Kaptchred at a time.


Timothy P. Decker